Go Carbon Neutral with carbon down by protecting and restoring america's forest

How We Preserve Forests

Source Projects

By collaborating with organizations in your area, we identify forests that are in need of protection and restoration. We choose this land based on its potential to reduce the impact your emissions have on climate change.

Fund Projects

We connect your dollars to projects in your community so that you can protect and restore the ecosystems you love, while also removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Protect + Restore Land

We fully restore the land near you. Your dollars fund land protection, restoration, and third-party verification to ensure the long term validity and effectiveness of the project.

Who We Work With

State Of Our Forests

The United States has lost 100s of millions of acres of forest since 1980, mostly due to catastrophic wildfires and conversion of forest into suburban areas. To prevent the permanent loss of our national treasures, action must be taken now.

Carbon Down uses carbon offset funding to protect and restore American forests while neutralizing your carbon emissions, which contribute to climate change.

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